Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Going Nuts

I need these adorable little squirrel earrings by MoonFaces to round up my nuts for me, because I'm definitely losing them!

"What's new with you?" you ask.....

Well first of all, my husband is on two weeks of leave. That means he doesn't go to work. I love the man to death, but that means, dear folks, that he exists for two weeks extremely bored because he has nothing to do, and he spends that time guided by his stomach....argh. He's eating me out of house and home.

You may remember my earlier post about my dear Betty. Betty is my Expedition. I love her. She was sick. Luckily, she has insurance, so we only had to pay a 'copay' to get her fixed. (Thank goodness for extended warranties!) Well as hubby and I are tooling around town in Lucy (his Jimmy...she's a redhead like Lucille Ball....that's why I named her Lucy..yes, she used to be mine before I got Betty....I digress...) Anyway, as we're tooling around getting our errands done, Lucy decides she isn't feeling well either, and starts doing all this clunking and clamoring. Now mind you, I've been telling hubby about that Service 4WD light for TWO YEARS!!! "But it's just the light.." he says..well now Lucy is stuck in 4WD and we can't get her out. It's not good to drive her on pavement in 4WD, so guess where Lucy the car hospital. Lucy, however, does NOT have insurance. We just got the estimate yesterday...EEEEK!!! It's four digits (not including the cents!) Needless to say, I'm hoping for some very good sales this weekend! LOL So in the mean time, hubby takes off in Betty whenever he feels like it, which is good, because it gets him out of my hair for a bit, but bad because I can't stand when he drives my car. He never puts anything BACK...grrr...

Anyway, couple all this with a planned camping trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to ride go carts for my youngest, Autistic child. Guess what it's doing right now...raining. Guess what it's supposed to do all weekend? Rain. Guess where we'll be? Stuck in a camper (much better than a tent still, but eeeewww..three kids, two adults, a big fat dog, stuck in a camper, listening to the sound of the rain on the metal roof. Nary a craft supply in sight......

I'll update you when we get back Sunday afternoon...if I survive the trip.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Awww hunney. Try and have some fun. You'll be okay.


Amy Arnaz said...

I understand about the camper scenario. I've been stuck in the camper with 4 cats (nocturnal, of course) and Jelly Belly (the dog who barks at the rain.) My comment to you, which is my new favorite comment about oodles of issues is this.....UGH....and that, I'm sure you agree, says it all! Happy camping....UGH.
xoxo Amy Arnaz aka Mrs Desi Arnaz Jr.

Lynne Clark BeadyIze Jewelry said...

Fortunately, there are more important things in life than rounding up all your nuts, eh? Like maybe keeping all your marbles! :-) If one of mine rolls your way, hang on to it for me, okay?