Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trimming the Tree

It's almost time to trim the tree!!. We normally drag ours out of the box on Thanksgiving (after stuffing ourselves silly!) and put it up. Decorating the tree is a family event, complete with alcoholic beverages and stories of where and when each Christmas ornament was procured. This year, I scoured Etsy for the most funkalicious ornaments to trim my tree, and without further ado, I'd like to share them all with you! Please let it be known that this is a miniscule sampling of the ornaments that are listed on Etsy. One could go nuts trying to decide which one they would like to purchase! Search until your heart's content, there's lots of great ones!

For those of you with a wacky side (like me), be sure to check out the ornaments in NothingLikeIt's shop. You can find fruitcake, gingerbread people, flaming marshmallows, almost anything your heart could possibly desire!

For those of you looking for a more vintage feel, check out the ornies listed by KarmaRox. You never know what vintage Christmas goodies you may find there!

Have cats, kids, dogs? Want your ornaments to be safe from wagging tails, curious hands and batting paws?? Check out the awesome felt ornaments by UrbanPaisley.

And for those who just can't live without the tinkle of glass on the tree, be sure to check the fused glass goodness from dpholkdesigns. These stars come in a wide variety of colors, and would look great hanging on your tree!


Anonymous said...

Ohh... I like the gingerbread men and the glass stars!!

Nothinglikeit said...

Great stuff Dis! I already found those glass stars and have been drooling over them for weeks!

Thanks for including my silly gingerbread people!